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Letter of thanks from Prof. Sherifdeen

Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2012, 4:51 PM

Dear all,
 CoMSAA Scientific Congress and Reunion 9th September
Thank you very much for helping to organize the above event which by all accounts was a resounding success. It was indeed a great pleasure and privilege working with such a great team.
Deepa, you have more than justified the faith I had in you when I co opted you to the Committee. Your zeal and enthusiasm was infectious and made us work even harder and the results were obvious.
Thank you for all the work you put in terms of time and even expenses, if not for which it would not have been the success it was.
Nalika, I like the way you always volunteered when some task or other came up. These were all attended to meticulously. The badges were great, and the coordination of the buses went off smoothly. Your cheerful presence at our meetings were an inspiration.
Piyusha, I do not know whether there was any other person in the Committee who could have handled the souvenir work the way you did. It was an excellent job and is spite of the few hiccups the final product is great and will day no doubt one day become a collector’s item. You handled all the pressure with a calm and smiling face, no wonder your husband looks relaxed!
Dr. BJC, I do not know how CoMSAA could have got off the ground without you. First your Editorial skills, your compering abilities, your lecture style and lastly but not the least, your talents as a singer, especially the “Marichchi meeya” song all went a great way to make the day complete. Thank you very much for coming in spite of your daughter’s sudden operation.
Jennifer, you have handled the accounts like a professional accountant. I am proud that we can maintain transparency and accountability from the very beginning and set the standards for the future.
Philip, you have more than justified my invitation to you to be a co opted member. Thank you for the blog, and for attending the meetings so regularly at much personal cost. It is an example to others who are in Colombo . Thank you for the photo coverage of the event. They are great.
Saroja, your presence at our meetings and ready commitment to take on any task was inspiring. Thank you for arranging to get the song books which made the sing along such a success.
Athula, I know that without you CoMSAA would not have been born, and after the successful delivery the infant would not have survived and nurtured into a healthy, sturdy being which CoMSAA is now. Thank you for your strength, inputs, financial commitment, and support to get sponsors for the event.
Chandra, your commitment to make CoMSAA a success is by itself inspiring. Thank you for the membership drive and for helping to sell the tickets.
Ruvaiz, in spite of not being a product of the Colombo Faculty I can see that you have shown more love for it than some of its students! Thank you for the support to get sponsors. The event went off smoothly as a result.
Dennis, I simply do not know how you do it. You attend all our meetings coming through the traffic from Ratmalana and yet look so cheerful and relaxed. You are an inspiration. Thank you for that great speech and the naughty jokes so tastefully delivered (if there is such a thing.). Chrissie too is a phenomenon. She organized the games for the ladies single handed and even bought the presents. I wish we could make her an alumnus! 
Dr. Sarath Gamini, you were an inspiration, attending every meeting and giving us guidance with your cryptic comments which were enjoyed by all of us. Thank you also for introducing Dr. Siva for the event. He was a non controversial choice.
I do hope you will continue giving CoMSAA the same inspirational support you gave me.
Yours sincerely
Prof A.H.Sheriffdeen

Colombo Medical School Alumni Association
Faculty of Medicine
University of Colombo
Sri Lanka

Newsletter of CoMSAA August 2012
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