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Photos of student days and after from the Colombo Medical Faculty Alumnmi, Sri Lanka.

 Please send a small note describing the scene in the photo and the time period that the photo was taken.

50 year get-together 1959 entrants batch - Photo sent by Premalatha Balasuriya

Lucky Abey
19 Apr (7 days ago)
to me
I am not sure whether this tradition is followed these days, but the Final Year Trip was a fun event of male medical students some decades ago. Those of us who entered the Colombo Medical Faculty in June 1962 set off on this trip that covered Kegalle, Kurunegala, Hatton, Badulla and Ratnapura some time during the long vacation in 1966. Our seniors in those duty stations lavishly hosted us. We on our part, did whatever we could to entertain them.
These few selected pictures tell the story. Off to a start from near the clock tower on Kynsey Road and the stops on the way. In the picture taken in front of the old HO's quarters named  "The Igloo" in Badulla, the central figure in white is Dr. K.M. Saravanamuttu who was two years senior to us. In another picture with the CTB bus in the background is another senior Dr. S. Chitsabesan (in tie). "Marker" of the Men's Common Room who accompanied us and the bus driver too are in the same picture. In Kurunegala, among our hosts were
Dr. Titus Perera and the late Dr. R.S.B. Wickramasinghe.
Sent in by: Lakshman Abeyagunawardene (1962 entrant)
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Premalatha Balasuriya
19 Apr (7 days ago)
to me
I am Premalatha Balasuriya (nee Ranasinghe)- 1959 batch, Colombo Medical Faculty
During the period I was in the faculty, there were 2 Buddhist Brotherhood trips per year- a 1day trip and a 2 day trip
Prof Rajasuriya, Dr Jayatillake (Jacko) and wife Dr Soma de Sylva, Dr Malini Silva (all in Prof Rajasuriya’s car) used to accompany 2 bus loads of students on these trips.
I am sending some old photos from these trips taken during the period 1960-64.
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Public Health trip to Kalatuwewa reservoir water treatment plant in 1963. Note the white shirts and trousers compulsory wear at that time for medical students.

Public Health trip to the Port Health Office in the 1960s.
Anatomy 'Block Trip' to Peradeniya Gardens, 1960.

Medical students of 1905

Photograph from
'Dr. Alice de Boer
Some pioneer Burgher
women doctors'
by Deloraine Brohier
Published by
Social Scientists' Association

I wonder if any of you can go earlier than the time of this photo . The young girl in the photo is a 1960 entrant. This photo is with her father The Hon. Mr. G.G. Ponnambalam, a minister in the Cabinet of the Rt.Hon. Mr. D.S. Senanayake.
A string Quartet 1962 - Anula Nikapota nee Aluvihare and Vijitha Nikapota both 1960 entrants
Cricketing in the 1960s.
 University and Medical School rugby 1960 - 1965

Asoka Jayaweera (Cardiologist USA), Sidney Hettiaratchi (Psychaitrist UK), Dharmakirti Makuloluwa (Obstetrician & Gynecologist UK), Asoka Dissanayaka ( Prof. Physiology), Derrwyck de Silva (Radiologist Germany)

Copy of the Medical Students Union Magazine of May 1963